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October 2016

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July 2016


I’ve been meaning to collate a gallery of some of favourite images I’ve taken in and around the National Theatre of Scotland. Originally, I was looking to whittle it down to ten images to celebrate ‘ Ten Dramatic Years’ of NTS.

Each one has its own story from my very first encounter of HOME – Edinburgh – a mock session of First Minister’s Questions, scripted by children between the ages of 10 and 12 years old where Alex Norton led a stellar cast as Mr Fish N Chips, the First Minister of Scotland, directed by Anthony Neilson.

I have been fortunate to photograph the ‘The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart ’ on several occasions. From the first preview above the Brechin Bar in Govan that kicked off a remarkable theatrical pub crawl clocking tens of thousand of miles table jumping, rug rolling and laughter.

In a good way, you are never quite sure what you are going to see or photograph with an NTS production even when briefed there are always surprises, performances aside, the music, the movement, the lighting, the set, the subjects tackled.

One particular memory I have is shooting ‘Glasgow Girls’ from the circle of The Citz. I had the circle all to myself, then 10 minutes before the start, the real life ‘Glasgow Girls’ joined the row behind me and for the next couple of hours I was entertained not only through the lens but by the audible shrieks of delight from the adjacent seats as the young ladies who had been through so much together recognized their alter egos and each other on stage.

So included is a real mix of NTS directly commissioned rehearsal, publicity, production and editorial newspaper work. Needless to say I couldn’t settle on simply ten images, the company have offered up so many memorable moments during the past ten years. Anyway, here is to the next ten, before it becomes eleven !

More info here.

April 2016

Dance of Death

Imagine going to work where people are just making faces at you ! Drawing you dirty looks when you are just trying to do you job , just as well I’m not easily offended !

Egged on by director Candice Edmunds, actors Lucianne McEvoy and Tam Dean Burn contort into the at-odds couple Alice and the Captain for the pre-publicity image to promote the re-imagined August Strindberg classic The Dance of Death, adapted by Frances Poet. The excellent Andy Clark makes up the trio in this dark tale.

Looking forward to seeing the production that opens on Friday 22nd April until 7 May 2016 the Citz Circle Studio in Glasgow.

More info here


June 2015

Lyceum get the CATS

This seems a good time to share some of the production pictures I shot for the Lu Kemp directed ‘Bondagers’ at The Royal Lyceum as it has just bagged a CATS (Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland ) prize at the Tron last night.

A whopping seventeen out of the forty nominations for the 2015 CATS recognized some of the great work happening in Edinburgh at The Lyceum. And they managed to pick up six of the ten awards on offer, a great way to start the celebrations as they enter their 50th year at The Royal Lyceum.

I was very fortunate to document the atmospheric looking ‘Bondagers’ which earned Jamie Vartan (designer) and Simon Wilkinson (lighting designer) the Best Design Award for The Royal Lyceum production.

The Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) are organised annually and awarded by the theatre critics of Scotland to celebrate the best Scottish theatre achievements in the theatre year May–April.

Find out more about the productions running during the 50th anniversary at the Lyceum here.

May 2015

Yer Granny

The new production by The National Theatre of Scotland, opened at the excellent Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock last week, currently at The King’s Theatre, Glasgow until the 30th May, then onto Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast and Dundee.

Based on La Nona by Roberto Cossa, in a new version by Douglas Maxwell, directed by Graham McLaren.

A comedy about a diabolical 100-year-old granny who’s literally eating her family out of house and home. She’s already eaten their fish and chip shop into bankruptcy and now she’s working her way through their kitchen cupboards, pushing the Russo family to desperate measures just to survive beyond 1977.

Alongside Gregor Fisher as ‘Yer Granny’ are Paul Riley, Jonathan Watson, Maureen Beattie, Barbara Rafferty, Brian Pettifer and Louise McCarthy.

More info here


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